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This page contains scripts and utilities to download.

It primarily consists of utilities to add to the Borland C++ (5.x) program to enhance the IDE.

These utilities will be converted to Borland's C++ Builder IDE using the Open Tool API (OTA) as soon as possible.

Open Tools API help added.
Borland C++ (5.x) IDE enhancements:
  • Correction to align equals script (4.2k) This corrects this example script when lines are included which contain "-=", +=, ^= &= etc. Download files

  • Scripts to perform case conversion, insert current date into code, add brackets around code. Basically more examples of how to use Object Scripting. Download now.
  • Script to perform automatic formatting of C/C++ code using one button press. Requires the 'gnu indent' program to work properly. Download Now
Open Tools API Help file

This is a help file for the OpenToolsApi, used to produce Plugins/Wizards for Borland's Delphi and C++Builder products.

Install using the Help-Customise option.

Last updated: July 9, 2003

Download Delphi 5 version

Download Delphi 6 version (copy .als file into Delphi help directory)

Download BCB version

Borland C++Builder Enhancements

C++ Formatting Expert:

This expert works in the IDE editor and takes the current selected text and formats it according to a set of rules. These rules are set in a configuration file ( and follow the unix standard for 'indent'.

The expert uses the Gnu 'Indent' program which is included in the distribution file.


Extract the downloaded zip file and load the project file in the Builder IDE. Compile and install it. You should then see a new entry under the Edit menu: C++ Format. You may get an error when first installing the expert. This error occurs if you don't have the files indent.exe and in the correct directory. The error message tells you where to copy them.

Download Now

BCBDev Contents

Zip of above:

You can get a zip of the above web site from here in case it is down.

Download Now

SynEdit Help File

This interim help file is available now. If you find any areas that could be improved, please let me know.

These files are for Delphi 3-6, if you want a version for Delphi 2005, please let me know.

Download for C++ Builder now

Download for Delphi now

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