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'Worship 99' is a database of songs used by modern Christians.

It has been designed to ease the process of choosing worship songs for church services by including theme and title based searching and filtering.

A demo version is available for Download. This is an earlier version of Worship and so doesn't contain all the fetaures mentioned here - it does however work fully.

See the downloaded version for registration details (by Post at present although Web based registration will be enabled at some time so check back here regularly)

Support and questions by email


It encompases the 'Songs of Fellowship' songbooks from Kingsway and 'Mission Praise'. With the registered version, further songbooks may be added to enhance the database.

Only song titles and first lines are provided to ease copyright restrictions but a link is available to Kingsway's song words disk provided with their latest music book. This allows the viewing of song words only IF you have that disk.

Each song may have a different key for each SongBook

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Database Fields

The following fields are provided:

Song title/First line
Song theme(s)
Copyright Holder
Song Author
Year of Copyright
Misc number

The following fields are per SongBook:

Song number
Song key

Filtering and Searching

'Tick fields' are provided to allow filtering of songs displayed. Standard fields provided are 'Ohp', 'Know', 'CCL'. Other fields are user defined.

Filtering may also be performed on a theme or song key basis.

The Song Database may be searched to find a song by number or by Song title/first line text. This search ignores punctuation for simplicity.


The Database may be exported to Excel or any other spreadsheet which supports delimited (comma or tab) format. It will also import from such spreadsheets. The database can also be printed, the printout may be filtered and the columns printed specified.

On-line registration is available via the ShareIt service. This will provide the full version with no limitations.
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