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AppExec is a GUI tool for running command line applications that you use a lot.

It runs the commands and displays the resultant output, which may be filtered by the built in filtering parser. You can create your own filters for use with the tools you use.

If you find yourself with lots of 'Dos Boxes' open on your desktop, or running batch files and wanting to know what the output was, AppExec is for you!

AppExec is available as a free download at Details of changes in version 1.4:


On Installation, AppExec creates a default project in your Documents and Settings directory in a subdirectory 'AppExec'. This is where all your project definition files will be stored (This may be changed on Options page).

Each 'Project' can contain multiple command sets which you can add to as you need.

Once you have created a command set, running the command causes it to run the specified command line starting in the directory you specify. Commands may be run in a Cmd shell or on their own. Multiple commands can be specified one one command line by separating them with a ';'

A filter may be specified and created as you require. A filter is supplied for the Keil series of embedded compilers.

Commands can be debugged using checkboxes on the options page.


AppExec has 4 tabs:

View Output:

Edit Command:

Project Options:



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