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Installing HtmlHelp Compiler 1.0    

Just download the compiler and run the installer.

Installing HtmlHelp Compiler 2.0    
You can download the HtmlHelp compilers as part of the VS 2005 SDK (formally VSIP).
Once you have downloaded them, expand the file to a folder using WinZip or similar (WinZip knows it's a Winzip compressed exe).

Download the file patch_vsip_setup.msi.zipand use winzip to extract its contents (xxx.vbs) to the folder you extracted the VSHIK to.

Run the patch_vshik_setup.msi.vbs which patches the installation. An OK message box should appear if successful, otherwise there will be some error message.

install the VS 2005 SDK. When you've done this, GenHelp will be able to find the compiler.

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Single user (Discounts available for multiple purchases)
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