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Can GenHelp create PDF files?

Not directly at the moment. If you create an RTF manual file you can then load it into a word processor and use one of the 'PDF printers' to print to a pdf file. Alternatively, you can use 'Open Office' to create pdf files directly from the rtf file.

How do you import C++ files using GenHelp?

In some documentation applications the .cpp file is selected and automatically imports all headers. GenHelp doesn't do this as it would create a large number of unwanted help topics in the help file. With GenHelp you just import the header files required to document the classes and then import the .cpp file.

Can I re-import source files without losing my existing documentation?

Yes, GenHelp works in two ways, Documentation in code (with comments) or documentation in GenHelp topic file.

With the first method of working, only documentation that is provided in code comments is overwritten by GenHelp. With the second method of working, nothing is over-written on import. GenHelp also provides a menu option on the File menu to re-import all files used.

If I import a unit and then populate the topics can I export that
unit again with the help topics intact so they would now be amongst my
actual code?

Not at present, it's a dangerous operation to perform as your code could be corrupted. It is an area that we are looking at.

Users of my HtmlHelp2 based files have problems with corruption when installing into Borlands BDS2005/6 IDEs

This is normally caused by dexplorer being active while the installation takes place.

Shut down the Document Explorer manually and then shut down the IDE. Wait until dexplorer.exe is not found in Task Manager and then re-run the installation. Note that you should always uninstall before re-installing. The next version of GenHelpPro includes a command line installer which will check for this before installing/uninstalling. It also uninstalls automatically before installing.

Can I get users to report faults in help topics?

Yes, the Help File Options dialog has a 'Topic Footer' section which allows a footer to be added to the bottom of each page. The footer can include tokens to include the current topic details. The 'Add Default Footer' button inserts some text which will generate an email link at the bottom of each help topic with the topic as the subject. You can edit this section to include your own text.

GenHelp ignores my comments when importing source files

On the Help File Options dialog under Importing-Comments, there is a CheckBox labelled Ignore All Comments which does this when checked.

I can't update GenHelp automatically

If you use a Web Proxy, you should fill in the details on the Options dialog under Web Access.


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