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Take the following example of a pascal class:

// Parameters: Check: This is a comment for the String Check
// and yet more comment.
// Return: Boolean comment for return value
// and yet more comments for return value

function Fred.Func(Check: string): Boolean;

GenHelp will create a Pascal Help topic like this:
Or this example in C++
* Overview: Initialise a new binary search tree
* params: List: pointer to list to be initialised
* Flags: any (boolean) flags required
* BalanceChanges: Number of changes to the list before it's
* re-balanced. If 0, the list is never balanced
* return: None
* Description:
* MUST be called for each new tree that's created
void initBST(BSTlist *List, UINT32 Flags, bool BalanceChanges, int NodeSize)

GenHelp will create a C++ Help topic like this:

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