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GenHelp Pro

Importing Source Files





Static/Private variables/functions


User defined syntax highlighting


Source comments imported as help text

Support for XmlDoc format comments


Support for JavaDoc format comments


Support for PasDoc format comments


Separate source file(s) may be imported as example text and source code.


Syntax automatically links to known topics

Topic files contain list of previously imported files to simplify re-import.

Output Files


Html for web sites

HtmlHelp 1.0


HtmlHelp 2.0


Manuals using RTF format via Wordprocessor


Customisable output format using 'Template files'


WinHelp output automatically creates list of classes/global functions for each unit/header file.

Dialog to customise window sizes


Output format similar to Borland IDE help format (C++Builder and Delphi 3-7)

Output format similar to Borland IDE help format (C#Builder/Delphi 8 onwards


Output format similar to Microsoft IDE help format


Output integrates into IDE context help system



Output may include user customisable 'feedback on help file' line for each topic


Classes or properties, methods of events may be excluded from final help file.

Topic ID map can be edited for easy creation of context help.

Command line use for use in batch files or make files

Command file can be used for automated import and generation of help files

Can be used to create application help as well as IDE based help files

User definable persistent bookmarks

Full class hierarchy included in help files (in template files also if configured)

One file used to create many output formats

Built in template file editors.


Drag and drop editing

Drag and drop links from topic tree

Unfinished topics displayed in different colour in topic tree

Topic Groups for linking of related topics

Table of Contents editing view


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