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LMD-Tools - the legendary component suite containing more than 360 VCL components! 3 different Versions available: CE, Pro or Standard.

LMD ElPack the Unicode and cross platform enabled component suite! Note: LMD ElPack is not part of LMD-Tools CE. It coexists as separate product.

TMS Software - Get your RAD productivity boost with over 150 VCL components for Delphi 5,6,7,8,2005 & C++Builder 5,6 Including award-winning TPlanner/TDBPlanner and the feature-packed TAdvStringGrid + much much more.

RealThinClient components RealThinClient components - Danijel Tkalcec. Build Internet-enabled Applications (Clients, Servers and ISAPI extensions). Support your customers over the Internet (Remote Desktop Control, File Transfer and Chat).


"Component writers that do not at least take a quick look at GenHelp are doing themselves a HUGE disservice.

Some of you may remember that I posted a message in this group a few weeks ago looking for a WYSIWYG help authoring tool that supports component writers. Well shortly after that I rediscovered GenHelp.

I gotta tell ya, it is a GREAT tool for anyone that needs to build a help file for VCL components. I used to use HelpScribble, which is a great tool as well. But GenHelp is *specifically* geared for generating help files for VCL components. That fact makes it THE most productive tool I found to do that job.

After my intitial evaluation of GenHelp I knew that I would switch to GenHelp if only its author would be responsive. We exchanged several messages and I eventually gave him a laundry list of suggestions (mostly for improved productivity) and bugs (most of them minor). In the short span of a few weeks, Pete has fixed the bugs and added most of my suggestions. Needless to say, his support has exceeded my expectations.

You can register GenHelp for $60. In my opinion GenHelp is worth much more than that. I told Pete he should double or triple the price, but I see it's still at $60. You should hurry up and register before he changes his mind. ;-) "

Mike Kolter President, Customizable Components

I have downloaded the demo, decided that it is the best thing since sliced bread, and have placed an order!

It's very easy and intuitive to use, and produces help files that seem to follow the same format as Borland's own. Suddenly, the thought of documenting my classes and components doesn't seem so daunting - it could even be fun!

Carl Caulkett

I am a very happy user of Help and Manual (and remain so), but specifically for component help, I've never found anything that comes close to this program.

David Quin


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